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FIT BY MILO Personal Training - Body Resistance


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FIT BY MILO Personal Trainer - Milo Susmilch

Milo has dedicated his life to helping people realize their fullest fitness potential. He has transformed the lives of hundreds of people into healthier versions of themselves through personal training, tailored nutrition, and attention to specific goals.

He has worked with people of all fitness levels and ages, from the absolute beginner to the elite athlete.


Whether you're looking for weight loss, nutrition guidance, sport-specific training, competition prep, or a desire to look your best on your next beach vacation, Milo will inspire you to transform your body and help make your fitness goals a reality.




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Get fit. Stay healthy. Feel amazing.

FIT BY MILO Personal Training - Morning Stretch
FIT BY MILO Bodybuilding Contest Prep
FIT BY MILO Training Gym Membership

Personal Training

Whether you want to lose weight, gain lean muscle, run a 5K, rehabilitate, or take the guesswork out of your fitness routine, FitByMilo will help achieve your goals through tailored personal training, nutritional counseling, and more.


Transform your body today!

Contest Preparation

Bring your best physique to the stage! FitByMilo will guide you throughout your competition journey with a comprehensive contest prep program that includes customized nutrition, tailored workouts, and specialized posing for bodybuilding, physique, figure, or bikini competitors.  

Gym Membership

Train on your schedule in our state-of-the-art, private training facility with all new equipment. 


Our elite fitness training gym membership offers you a unique, private gym experience with flexible, secure entry access for personal use.

your gym.

The personal training experience. Redefined.


Our elite training gym features 2,000+ sq ft
of space and state-of-the-art equipment.

FIT BY MILO Personal Training Gym

Train in a private, professional, and personal atmosphere.

FIT BY MILO Personal Training Gym

All new equipment featuring:

Specialized Machines
Easy curl barbell set
Olympic bench
Full Olympic squat rack
Heavy-duty Smith machine

V Superpower squat

Pec deck
Hip thruster
Bumper plates


Functional training equipment:
Kettlebells, Medicine balls,
Cardio machines and more

FIT BY MILO Personal Training Gym

Enjoy a unique gym experience with personal access at any time.

FIT BY MILO Personal Training Gym

Conveniently located in the heart of The Peninsula.


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